Choose the Best Epilator For You – 2020 Updated

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My Best Epilator Experience: Shaving Doesn’t Have to Suck

I don’t know about you, but the prospect of shaving my legs and other parts of my body is something I used to dread long time back.

Even now, just thinking about sticking a razor to my skin and the potential for nicking and gouging my skin…no thank you.

In my trials and tribulations, however, I stumbled across a hair removal process that is both painless and leaves my skin smoother for longer. What is this miracle process you ask? It is called epilating and it is something that you’ll need to try to believe.

What is epilating? It is the process of hair removal by which you use a device (an epilator) that removes hair at the root instead of superficial shaving that leaves behind an ugly and uncomfortable stubble.

That sounds all well and good, but you may ask ‘why use an epilator?’—and the answer is simple.

Epilating leaves your skin smoother for longer periods of time. With epilating, you can skip the pain of nicks and cuts; in fact, it’s gentle enough to use all over your body and not just your legs. My mission here is to share my knowledge with epilators with you lovely girls and help you choose the best epilator for your skin.

Ladies, are you ready to ditch the razors, creams and Band-Aids for good? Read on!